Alma’s Words to his Son Shiblon

Shiblon’s Righteousness

Alma 38:1
Alma reminds Shiblon to keep the commandments and prosper in the land.
Alma 38:2
Alma commends Shiblon for his faithfulness.
Alma 38:3–5
Alma recalls their experiences among the Zoramites, and praises Shiblon for being patient through his trials.
Alma 38:6–8
Alma refers to his own conversion and knowledge of God.

Reminders and Instructions

Alma 38:9
Alma explains that there is no other road to salvation besides Jesus Christ.
Alma 38:10–12
Alma admonishes Shiblon to be moderate and wise.
Alma 38:13–15
Alma concludes by suggesting not to pray as the Zoramites did, but to approach God in humility.