About the Book of Mormon Online

What is BookofMormon.Online?

BookofMormonOnline.net is a revolutionary new exposition of the Book of Mormon with the object of presenting its full text in the most accessible form possible. Containing every single verse of the Book of Mormon, BookofMormonOnline.net breaks up the text into contextually analogous reader-friendly segments arranged in primarily chronological format, supplemented with summaries of each segment, divided by headings and pages that reveal the text's full context.

What is the Book of Mormon?

The Book of Mormon is a complex text interweaving historical narratives, doctrinal teachings, quotations, and commentary of a period of over a thousand years, often including intricacies such as flashbacks within flashbacks, and sometimes presented in non-chronological form. Many readers of the Book of Mormon, intimidated by its volume and ancient script, have trouble distinguishing where one segment begins and one ends, and how the multiple segments tie in with one another. Thus, the Book of Mormon often turns into a nebulous lump of text divided by books that are titled based on authorship, irrelevant to the content of the document. Familiar stories and sermons emerge while skimming the book, but are too often drown in an ocean of seemingly indistinguishable supplement, making it difficult to mentally coagulate the various recognizable segments into a continuous whole, and see the big picture of the Book of Mormon narrative. Even the student of the Book of Mormon with the best of intentions can fall victim of being lost or overwhelmed in its complexity, and can finish reading the book with only a passing understanding of its full scope.

What is the Purpose of BookofMormon.Online

BookofMormonOnline.Net sets out to be the means by which any student of the Book of Mormon, casual or serious, can experience the text in a systematic, immersive manner in which context and explainations are provided every step of the way. No matter if the student wishes only a cursory overview, or an in-depth study, this site provides narrative expositions, doctrinal commentary, artistic renderings, and other multi-media offerings to create an interactive and engaging experience whereby one can obtain a thorough understanding and appreciation for the Book of Mormon's text, narratives, characters, and teachings.

Who Created BookofMormon.Online

BookofMormon.Online is created and developed entirely by KC Kern. Orginal outlines were created in early 2004, and the work of organizing, digitizing, programming, and writing went on until official launch in late 2007. Since then, it has undergone a major rearchitecture with the inclusion of a number of new features. It continues to be added to and refined regularly.


BookofMormonOnline.Net is not an official Web site of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.