1 Nephi 2:19–24

From Section: Escape Out of Jerusalem

From Page: Lehites in Jerusalem and Arabia

And it came to pass that the Lord spake unto me, saying:

“Blessed art thou, Nephi, because of thy faith,
_for thou hast sought me diligently,
_with lowliness of heart.

“And inasmuch as ye shall
_keep my commandments,
_ye shall prosper,
_and shall be led to a land of promise;

“Yea, even a land which I have prepared for you.

Yea, a land which is choice above all other lands.

“And inasmuch as thy brethren
_shall rebel against thee,
_they shall be cut off from the presence of the Lord.

“And inasmuch as thou shalt keep my commandments,
_thou shalt be made a ruler and a teacher over thy brethren.

“For behold,
_in that day that they shall rebel against me,
_I will curse them even with a sore curse,
_and they shall have no power over thy seed
_except they shall rebel against me also.

“And if it so be that they rebel against me,
_they shall be a scourge unto thy seed,
_to stir them up in the ways of remembrance.”