Helaman on the Western Front

Ammonite Draft

Alma 53:10–13, 56:4
The Ammonites are Lamanite converts living in Nephite lands who had sworn an oath of non–violence, but when they hear of the Lamanite aggressions they consider violating their oath to defend themselves.
Alma 53:13–15, 56:6–8
Helaman, concerned about the Ammonites’ souls, refuses to allow them to break their oath.
Alma 53:16–18, 56:3,5
There were, however, about two thousand second–generation Ammonite young men who had not made any oath of non–violence—they gather and agree to defend their people.
Alma 53:19–21
Helaman takes command of the Ammonite army, who are righteous and valiant.

Lamanite Occupation and Nephite Preparations

Alma 53:8–9, 56:13–14
Lamanite troops invade and occupy several cities (Manti, Zeezrom, Cumeni, and Antiparah) in the southwest quarter of Nephite territory.
Alma 56:12
The Lamanites take many prisoners and deport them to the land of Nephi.
Alma 56:9–11, 53:22-23
Helaman marches his Ammonite army towards the city of Judea near the occupied cities.
Alma 56:15–17
When Helaman arrives at the city of Judea, he meets Antipus, an allied military captain, who had been desperately trying to fortify and maintain his territory.
Alma 56:18–19
Seeing that Antipus’ forces merged with Helaman’s, Ammoron, the Lamanite commander, orders the Lamanite army to retreat and cease its planned attack on Judea.
Alma 56:20–21
The Lamanites maintain their ground in Manti, Zeezrom, Cumeni, and Antiparah; Helaman and Antipus secure their ground and make continued war preparations in Judea.
Alma 56:22–23
Helaman sends spies out to track the Lamanites, hoping that if they advance northward, his army will be able to attack them from the rear.
Alma 56:23–26
The Lamanites do not dare move northward; they are determined to stand their ground and maintain the cities they invaded.
Alma 56:27–28
Helaman and Antipus receive more provisions as well as 2,000 more soldiers from Zarahemla.
Alma 56:29
Seeing this increased strength, the Lamanites become restless.

Helaman and Antipus’ Envelopment Tactic

Alma 56:30–31
In an attempt to fool and ambush the Lamanites, Antipus orders Helaman and his Ammonite army to march outbound past the Lamanite-held Antiparah, in the direction of the City by the Sea.
Alma 56:32–34
Helaman and his army depart, and when they pass Antiparah, Antipus and his men (minus a few left behind to guard Judea) begin marching some distance behind.
Alma 56:35–37
The Lamanites begin to chase Helaman and his army past Antiparah and northward up the west coast; the Lamanites, now realizing that Antipus and his army are in their rear, continue moving forward, hoping to kill Helaman’s army before Antipus’ army overtakes them.
Alma 56:38
Seeing that the Lamanites would soon overtake Helaman’s army, Antipus increases his speed, but night suddenly falls, so the armies make camp.
Alma 56:39–40
Before the break of dawn, the Lamanite army begins pursuing Helaman again; Helaman stays ahead, and they chase continues throughout the entire day until nightfall.
Alma 56:41–44
The next morning, Helaman sees that the Lamanites had caught up to him and gets his army moving again; The Lamanites continue their chase, then stop abruptly. Helaman rallies his army in preparation for a strike.
Alma 56:45–46
Worried that the Lamanites had turned around to attack Antipus’ army, The Ammonite soldiers courageously accept the challenge to attack, boldly expressing their faith in God.
Alma 56:47–48
The Ammonites had no military experience, yet had been taught by their mothers to trust in God.
Alma 56:49–51
Helaman and his army double back, and find the Lamanites and Antipus engaged in a tremendous battle; Antipus had died, and the tired soldiers were about to lose the battle.
Alma 56:52–53
Helaman’s army joins the battle; the Lamanites suffer severe casualties and turn around to focus all their attention on Helaman’s army as Antipus’ army regroups and attacks from the rear.
Alma 56:54
The Lamanites become surrounded, suffer heavy losses, and eventually are forced to surrender.
Alma 56:55–56
Helaman counts his soldiers, and is amazed to see that miraculously, all of them are still alive.
Alma 56:57
The surviving men from Antipus’ army escort some of the surrendered Lamanites as POW’s to Zarahemla, and the remainder are taken to Judea with Helaman and his army.

Negotiations for Antiparah

Alma 57:1
Helaman receives a letter from Ammoron offering repossession of the city of Antiparah in exchange for the prisoners of war.
Alma 57:2
Helaman writes back stating that their army is strong enough to take Antiparah by force and that prisoners will only be exchanged for other prisoners.
Alma 57:3
Ammoron refuses to exchange prisoners for prisoners; Helaman prepares to invade Antiparah.
Alma 57:4–5
Before any strike takes place, the Lamanites occupying Antiparah abandon the city and escape to other occupied cities—the Nephites regain Antiparah.

Battle of Cumeni

Alma 57:6–7
Helaman receives supplies and reinforcements: 6,000 men from Zarahemla, and 60 more Ammonite boys; with this renewed strength, Helaman plans an attack to regain the city of Cumeni.
Alma 57:8–10
Helaman’s army surrounds the city of Cumeni shortly before provisions are scheduled to arrive; they hold their ground and ambush the crew of Lamanites carrying the supplies.
Alma 57:11–12
Helaman sends the intercepted provisions to Judea and Zarahemla, and after a few days isolated from their provisions, the Lamanites surrender the city of Cumeni.
Alma 57:13–14
Helaman struggles to deal with the massive number of surrendered Lamanites; Cumeni is lost and 2,000 Nephites die in Lamanite prisoner riots.
Alma 57:15–16, 29
The Nephites kill the more violent prisoners, and a guard named Gid begins to escort the remaining prisoners down to Zarahemla, where they can be sustained by more abundant provisions.
Alma 57:17
The next day, more Lamanites arrive and begin fighting Helaman’s army.
Alma 57:18
Gid and the prisoner escorts return from Zarahemla just as Helaman’s army is losing.
Alma 57:19
Helaman’s Ammonite army fights desperately.
Alma 57:20–21
The Ammonites, remembering their mothers’ words, become exceptional soldiers.
Alma 57:22–23
Thanks to prisoner escorts’ help, the Lamanite army is driven back to Manti, and Cumeni is repossessed by the Nephites.
Alma 57:24
Helaman immediatly orders that all wounded soldiers receive immediate medical attention.
Alma 57:25
Again, to Helaman’s amazement, his 2,060 Ammonite warriors are all still alive, though many have suffered severe blood loss, and all are wounded.
Alma 57:26–27
The Ammonites have been preserved by the goodness of God.
Alma 57:28
Helaman buries those who died in the battle, then prays about what to do with the prisoners in Zarahemla.
Alma 57:30
Gid tells Helaman about the prisoner revolt and why he returned so quickly.
Alma 57:36
Upon hearing Gid’s story, Helaman feel joy for God’s hand in his life.

Stalemate at Manti

Alma 58:1–3
Helaman’s army wishes to regain the city of Manti, but due to their lack of man power, they are forced to wait for reinforcements form Zarahemla.
Alma 58:4–6
The Lamanites in Manti receive a continual stream of supplies while the Nephites can do nothing but wait.
Alma 58:7–9
Months pass under these conditions; Helaman receives small portions of food and 2,000 additional men, but still cannot understand why the leaders in Zarahemla are unresponsive.
Alma 58:10–12
Helaman’s army prays to God, begging for deliverance; the Lord comforts them, and assures them of ultimate victory.

Manti Stratagem

Alma 58:13–14
Helaman rallies what forces he does have, and begins a march towards Manti; the Lamanites become aware of them, and send out spies to assess their strength.
Alma 58:15
Seeing that Helaman’s army is not strong, the Lamanites prepare to attack.
Alma 58:16
Helaman instructs the troops lead by Gid and his associate Teomner to hide in the wilderness.
Alma 58:17
With Teomner’s men hiding on the left and Gid’s men hiding in the right, Helaman and his men hold their ground.
Alma 58:18–19
The Lamanites come out of the city of Manti, and begin charging towards Helaman’s army, who turn around and runs into the wilderness; Gid and Teomner are undetected as Helaman and the Lamanites pass through.
Alma 58:20
After Helaman and the Lamanites pass by, Teomner and Gid head towards Manti, and take out the Lamanite spies.
Alma 58:21–22
Gid and Teomner approach Manti, and eradicate the guards left to maintain the city.
Alma 58:23
Gid and Teomner gain occupancy of Manti, as Helaman and his army is pursued by the bulk of the Lamanite army.
Alma 58:24
As Helaman’s army gets closer and closer to Zarahemla, the Lamanites became uneasy, and decide to turn around and go back to Manti.
Alma 58:25
The Lamanite army camps for the night, not giving a second thought to Manti.
Alma 58:26
Helaman’s army does not sleep, but returns to Manti via a different route.
Alma 58:27–28
Helaman beats the Lamanites back to Manti.
Alma 58:29–31
When the Lamanites finally arrive at Manti, they are shocked to find it occupied by Helaman’s entire army.

Lamanite Retreat

Alma 58:32–33
Helaman recognizes the hand of God in his military successes.
Alma 58:34–37
Helaman still doesn’t know what is going on in Zarahemla, and why they are being so unresponsive.
Alma 58:38–41
The Lamanites retreat back to the land of Nephi, and Helaman rejoices in the Lord and is grateful for his blessings.
Alma 56:2
Helaman writes to Moroni telling him about the proceedings of the war in his sector.