Helaman on the Western Front

Negotiations for Antiparah

Alma 57:1

Helaman receives a letter from Ammoron offering repossession of the city of Antiparah in exchange for the prisoners of war.

And now it came to pass that I received an epistle from Ammoron, the king, stating that if I would deliver up those prisoners of war whom we had taken that he would deliver up the city of Antiparah unto us.

Alma 57:2

Helaman writes back stating that their army is strong enough to take Antiparah by force and that prisoners will only be exchanged for other prisoners.

But I sent an epistle unto the king, that we were sure our forces were sufficient to take the city of Antiparah by our force; and by delivering up the prisoners for that city we should suppose ourselves unwise, and that we would only deliver up our prisoners on exchange.

Alma 57:3

Ammoron refuses to exchange prisoners for prisoners; Helaman prepares to invade Antiparah.

And Ammoron refused mine epistle, for he would not exchange prisoners; therefore we began to make preparations to go against the city of Antiparah.

Alma 57:4–5

Before any strike takes place, the Lamanites occupying Antiparah abandon the city and escape to other occupied cities—the Nephites regain Antiparah.

But the people of Antiparah did leave the city, and fled to their other cities, which they had possession of, to fortify them; and thus the city of Antiparah fell into our hands. And thus ended the twenty and eighth year of the reign of the judges.