Moroni and Teancum on the Eastern Front

Battle of Mulek

Alma 52:15–16
Moroni marches towards the east to help Teancum, who is charged with initiating a strike on the captured city of Mulek.
Alma 52:17–18
Teancum determines that a strike on Mulek would be unfeasible and decides to wait for Moroni, who arrives shortly thereafter.
Alma 52:19–20
Moroni and Teancum try to be diplomatic about their endeavors, so they request that the commanding occupant of Mulek, Jacob, come out and meet them on middle ground, but Jacob refuses.
Alma 52:21–22
According to plan, Teancum takes his men and marches them towards the seashore, and Moroni marches his men into he wilderness; Jacob’s spies notice Teancum’s army, and report their findings.
Alma 52:23
The Lamanites start chasing Teancum, who retreats to the seashore, northward.
Alma 52:24–26
As the Lamanites are chasing Teancum, Moroni and his men come out from the wilderness and conquer Mulek, killing those few soldiers who were left to stand guard.
Alma 52:27
Teancum, still being chased by the Lamanites, continues to move forward towards Bountiful where Lehi’s army are waiting.
Alma 52:28–29
The Lamanites, fearing that Lehi would reach Mulek, and unaware that Moroni had already occupied it, retreat and hurry back towards Mulek.
Alma 52:30–32
Lehi chases the Lamanites until they reach Mulek, where Moroni’s army is waiting; Moroni commands the armies to attack the Lamanites until they surrender.
Alma 52:33–34
Jacob, determined to regain Mulek, fights furiously, but the Nephite armies hold their ground.
Alma 52:35–36
In the furious battle, Jacob is killed and Moroni is injured, but the Lamanites eventually surrender.
Alma 52:37–38
Moroni tells the Lamanites that he will spare them if they surrender their weapons.
Alma 52:38–40
The leaders of the surviving Lamanites give up their weapons, but those Lamanites who refused are bound and marched as prisoners to Bountiful.

Bountiful Fortifications

Alma 53:1
The prisoners of war are enlisted to bury the bodies of those who died in the battle.
Alma 53:3–5
After burying all the bodies, the Lamanite prisoners are employed to build a massive fortification surrounding the city of Bountiful comprised of a giant ridge of dirt and wooden timbers.
Alma 53:2
Moroni, trusting Lehi, puts Lehi in charge of the city of Mulek.
Alma 53:6–7
Having secured Mulek and conquered a major part of Lamanite forces, Moroni proceeds to make additional preparations for war.

Prisoner Exchange Negotiations

Alma 54:1–2
The following year, Ammoron contacts Moroni requesting to exchange prisoners; Moroni is glad to hear this, since he was anxious to stop spending provisions on Lamanite prisoners.
Alma 54:3–4
The Lamanites had captured women and children, while the Nephites had only captured soldiers; because of this Moroni devises a plan to maximize the number of Nephites released.
Alma 54:4–14
Moroni writes a letter to Ammoron stating that the Nephites will only agree to a prisoner exchange if one Nephite man, one Nephite woman and one Nephite child are exchanged for one Lamanite soldier.
Alma 54:15–24
Ammoron replies to Moroni, and agrees to the proposed 3–to–1 exchange terms, but then tauntingly warns Moroni to brace himself for an eternal battle.

Nephite Prisoner Rescue

Alma 55:1–3
Angry at Ammoron’s response and attitude, Moroni refuses to go ahead with the exchange, despite Ammoron’s compliance, and reverts to the contingency plan: to take the prisoners back by force.
Alma 55:4–7
Moroni finds a man named Laman, (a Nephite of Lamanite decent), and sends him to the city of Gid (where the Nephite prisoners were being held) with a small group of men.
Alma 55:8
Laman approaches the soldiers guarding Gid, and introduces himself as a Lamanite prisoner who had just escaped from the Lamanites; he also announces that brought Nephite wine.
Alma 55:9
Seeing the wine, the Lamanite guards eagerly ask for a drink.
Alma 55:10
Laman suggests they not drink the wine until after they battle the Nephites.
Alma 55:10
Hearing this only makes the guards want to drink even more.
Alma 55:11
The guards justify their need for wine by explaining that it will strengthen them.
Alma 55:12
Laman complies.
Alma 55:13–15
The Lamanite guards drink some wine, then drink some more; soon, all of the guards get drunk and pass out, upon which Laman and his men return to Moroni and report.
Alma 55:16–17
Moroni and his men go to Gid with a large supply of weapons; when they arrive, they throw the weapons into the city for the Nephite prisoners to use.
Alma 55:18–21
Moroni did not have the intention of killing the drunken soldiers; he and his men back away from the city, and surround the Lamanite guards.
Alma 55:22–23
In the morning, the guards wake up to find Moroni’s army around the city, and armed Nephite prisoners on the inside of the city; they surrender without a struggle.
Alma 55:24–25
The Nephite prisoners are freed, and the Lamanites are taken as prisoners and are employed to make fortification on the city of Gid.
Alma 55:26–27
Once the prisoners finish fortifying Gid, they are taken to Bountiful with the remainder of the prisoners.

Lamanite Counterstrike

Alma 55:28–29
As the Nephites begin acquiring an advantage, the Lamanites try to fight back using tactics the Nephites used on them, like surrounding the city at night and trying to get the guards drunk.
Alma 55:30–32
The Nephites quickly catch on to the Lamanites’ plans, and they do not drink any wine received from the Lamanites without having some Lamanite prisoners first test it for poison.
Alma 55:33–35
Moroni begins making plans to attack the city of Morianton, which had been heavily fortified by the Lamanites.

Nephite Leadership Correspondence

Alma 56:1
Moroni receives a letter from Helaman, in which the battles and progress on the western front are described.
Alma 59:1–2
Moroni publicizes the state of affairs with Helaman in the west, and the people are happy to hear of his news.
Alma 59:3–4
Moroni sends a letter to Pahoran, requesting immediate aid be sent to Helaman.

The Fall of Nephihah

Alma 59:5–8
The Lamanites that had been evicted from the land of Manti by Helaman’s army make their way up to the city of Nephihah, and attack the people there.
Alma 59:9–10
Moroni garrisons the Nephite cities, knowing that maintaining a city is easier than regaining a city.
Alma 59:11–12
Nephihah succumbs to the Lamanite attack, and Moroni begins to doubt the Nephites, knowing they have started to become wicked.

Pahoran and Moroni

Alma 59:13, 60:1–36
Moroni, angry with the government’s lack of response, sends another letter to Pahoran, reproving him for his apparent apathy and imploring him to be actively engaged in the cause of freedom.
Alma 61:1–21
Shortly thereafter, Moroni receives a reply in which Pahoran explains that an insurrection had taken place in Zarahemla, and Pahoran’s authority and power had been undermined, and thus he was unable to assist the military.
Alma 62:1–2
Moroni is pleased to learn of Pahoran’s faithfulness, but is saddened to learn of the revolt in Zarahemla.
Alma 62:3–6
Moroni puts his army in the care of Teancum and Lehi, waves the Title of Liberty, and begins traveling towards Gideon to assist Pahoran in regaining power.
Alma 62:14–17
Moroni returns from Zarahemla with Pahoran and a large group of soldiers; they encounter a large group of Lamanite militants, who they defeat and persuade to agree to peace, and join the Ammonites.

The Siege of Nephihah

Alma 62:18–19
Moroni and Pahoran’s men approach Nephihah and camp in the plains of Nephihah; the Lamanites, seeing the large number of Nephite soldiers, do not come out to fight.
Alma 62:20–21
That night, Moroni climbs the walls of the city and determines that the Lamanite armies were gathered in the east part of the city, near the entrance; he returns back to his camp and has his men prepare ropes and ladders to infiltrate the city.
Alma 62:22–23
Moroni’s men climb the city walls where the Lamanites were not; by morning, the entire army is inside the city.
Alma 62:24–25
The Lamanites wake up, and fearing for their lives, abandon the city and escape towards the seashore, but the Nephites peruse them, and kill many.
Alma 62:26–29
Not a single Nephite dies in the recapture of the city; the Lamanites that were taken prisoner express a desire to join the Ammonites, and they are granted their wish.

Teancum’s Last Sacrifice

Alma 62:30–31
Moroni moves from Nephihah to Lehi; the Lamanites occupying Lehi fearfully abandon the city.
Alma 62:32–33
The Lamanites are chased by Moroni from city to city until they reach the coastal land of Moroni; all of the surviving Lamanites are gathered there, including Ammoron.
Alma 62:34–35
The Nephites have the Lamanites surrounded; both armies rest for the night, being very tired—except for Teancum, who is very angry with Ammaron and Amalickiah for being the instigators of this terrible war.
Alma 62:36
Teancum leaves his camp, and scales the walls of the city where the Lamanites were sleeping.
Alma 62:36
Teancum sneaks from place to place until find where Ammoron is sleeping.
Alma 62:36
Teancum throws a javelin in Ammoron’s chest.
Alma 62:36
Ammoron makes a last sound before he dies—his servants wake up, catch Teancum, and kill him.
Alma 62:37
When Moroni finds out about Teancum’s death, he is heartbroken.
Alma 62:38
Moroni’s troops advance upon he Lamanites, mercilessly killing them; the surviving Lamanites escape permanently out of the land of Zarahemla.
Alma 62:39–41
The massive war between the Nephites and Lamanites finally seems to be over.