Moroni and Teancum on the Eastern Front

Prisoner Exchange Negotiations

Alma 54:1–2

The following year, Ammoron contacts Moroni requesting to exchange prisoners; Moroni is glad to hear this, since he was anxious to stop spending provisions on Lamanite prisoners.

And now it came to pass in the commencement of the twenty and ninth year of the judges, that Ammoron sent unto Moroni desiring that he would exchange prisoners.

And it came to pass that Moroni felt to rejoice exceedingly at this request, for he desired the provisions which were imparted for the support of the Lamanite prisoners for the support of his own people; and he also desired his own people for the strengthening of his army.

Alma 54:3–4

The Lamanites had captured women and children, while the Nephites had only captured soldiers; because of this Moroni devises a plan to maximize the number of Nephites released.

Now the Lamanites had taken many women and children, and there was not a woman nor a child among all the prisoners of Moroni, or the prisoners whom Moroni had taken; therefore Moroni resolved upon a stratagem to obtain as many prisoners of the Nephites from the Lamanites as it were possible.

Therefore he wrote an epistle, and sent it by the servant of Ammoron, the same who had brought an epistle to Moroni.

Alma 54:4–14

Moroni writes a letter to Ammoron stating that the Nephites will only agree to a prisoner exchange if one Nephite man, one Nephite woman and one Nephite child are exchanged for one Lamanite soldier.

Now these are the words which he wrote unto Ammoron, saying:

Alma 54:15–24

Ammoron replies to Moroni, and agrees to the proposed 3–to–1 exchange terms, but then tauntingly warns Moroni to brace himself for an eternal battle.

Now it came to pass that Ammoron, when he had received this epistle, was angry; and he wrote another epistle unto Moroni, and these are the words which he wrote, saying: