Land and Valley of Gideon

East of river Sidon

Land and Valley of Gideon

Land, valley,. Later, after Alma had relinquished the ­judgment- ­seat to Nephihah, he traveled to the valley of Gideon where the city of Gideon was located and there commended the people for their righteousness and preached the coming of Jesus Christ. Nine years later the anti-Christ Korihor attempted to preach in the land of Gideon but with little success. He was bound and brought before Gideon’s chief judge, and also the high priest Giddonah. More than a decade after that event, the ­king- ­men took over Zarahemla and the chief judge Pahoran fled to Gideon. There he awaited the assistance of captain Moroni in regaining Zarahemla from the dissenters.

Ironically, many years later, Samuel the Lamanite specifically named Gideon as a city that would experience “wo” because of the wickedness of her inhabitants.


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