Jacob 7:6–7

And it came to pass that he came unto me, and on this wise did he speak unto me, saying:

“Brother Jacob, I have sought much opportunity that I might speak unto you; for I have heard and also know that thou goest about much, preaching that which ye call the gospel, or the doctrine of Christ.

“And ye have led away much of this people that they pervert the right way of God, and keep not the law of Moses which is the right way; and convert the law of Moses into the worship of a being which ye say shall come many hundred years hence.

“And now behold, I, Sherem, declare unto you that this is blasphemy; for no man knoweth of such things; for he cannot tell of things to come.”

And after this manner did Sherem contend against me.

From section: Sherem the Anti-Christ

From page: The Land of Nephi