Alma and his Followers

Abinadi’s Words as Taught by Alma

Mosiah 18:1–3
Alma, having escaped Noah’s court, begins to covertly teach the things taught by Abinadi.
Mosiah 18:4–7
Alma relocates his preaching operation to a luscious place called Mormon, bringing many followers with him.
Mosiah 18:8–9
Alma teaches his followers about making a covenant with Christ.
Mosiah 18:10–11
Alma explains that baptism is the means by which one makes such a covenant—his people express their desire to enter into such a covenant.
Mosiah 18:12–14
Alma baptizes himself in the waters of Mormon, then baptizes Helam, the first in line.
Mosiah 18:15–16
Alma proceeds to baptize the remainder of his people.

Alma’s Church

Mosiah 18:17–18
Alma formally establishes a church, ordains priests and establishes a religious education program for his members.
Mosiah 18:19–29
Alma establishes standards for the church officers and members to observe.
Mosiah 18:30–31
The waters of Mormon becomes a very memorable place.

Relocation to Helam

Mosiah 18:34, 23:1
Alma is made aware of the troops that Noah sent to find him; he informs his people.
Mosiah 18:34–35, 23:1
Alma and his people leave the place of Mormon.
Mosiah 23:2–3
In the strength of the Lord, they journey for eight days.
Mosiah 23:4–5
They arrive at a pleasant land, and begin to settle it.
Mosiah 23:6
Alma is selected by his people to be the king of the land.
Mosiah 23:7–15
Alma declines, and reminds the people of the danger of kings, citing Noah as an example.
Mosiah 23:16–18
Alma becomes the high priest instead, and watches over the church carefully.
Mosiah 23:19–20
They call their new home “Helam,” and their new community thrives.
Mosiah 23:21–24
Sore trials and afflictions are foreshadowed.

Lamanite–Priest Alliance’s Occupation of Helam

Mosiah 23:25–26
On the borders of Helam, some farmers spot a Lamanite army, and frightfully gather in the city center.
Mosiah 23:27–28
Alma calms the people and reminds them to trust in the Lord.
Mosiah 23:36, 29
Alma meets the Lamanites, and makes them a deal: directions leading them back to the land of Nephi in exchange for their lives and liberty.
Mosiah 23:37, 29
Alma gives them directions, but the Lamanites go back on their word, and forceully occupy Helam anyway.

Alma’s People in Slavery

Mosiah 24:8–9
Amulon, Noah’s old priest, and former colleague of Alma, enslaves the people of Helam.
Mosiah 24:10
The enslaved people cry out to God.
Mosiah 24:11
Amulon forbids any divine supplication.
Mosiah 24:12
They pray in their hearts instead.
Mosiah 24:13–14
The Lord reassures the slaves that he is mindful of them.
Mosiah 24:15
The slaves’ burdens are made light.
Mosiah 24:16–17
The Lord promises upcoming freedom from slavery.

Alma’s People’s Escape to Zarahemla

Mosiah 24:18
At night, the people of Helam gather all their supplies together.
Mosiah 24:19
The next morning, the guards and slave drivers miraculously fall asleep.
Mosiah 24:20–22
The people leave the city, and arrive at a nearby valley, which they call the valley of Alma, where they thank God for his providence.
Mosiah 24:23
The Lord warns them not to waste any time because Amulon and the Lamanites are on their trail.
Mosiah 24:24
Alma leads his people out of the valley of Alma, and they continue their journey.
Mosiah 24:25
Twelve days later, they arrive in Zarahemla, where Mosiah greets them.