City of Zarahemla

Major capital of Nephites, originally founded by Mulekites

City of Zarahemla

The City of Zarahemla is a major city in the land of Zarahemla. It seems to be named after a man named Zarahemla. Although information about Zarahemla is scarce, it seems that he was a Mulekite who led a group of people from their initial territory near the east coast to the Zarahemla basin. They were later found by Mosiah and his followers when they came up from the land of Nephi. After the two group merged, the city became a thriving center of economy, military and religion. It was taken over by King-men during Pahoran’s tenure as chief judge, but was regained by the Nephites. In the period approaching the coming of Christ, it once again was subject to Lamanite control, but in the great storm coinciding with Christ’s death, it was destroyed by fire.

After Christ’s ministry Zarahemla was rebuilt, but the Nephites do not seem to centralize in Zarahemla, but rather favor the northern lands.


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