Plains of Nephihah

Near the city of Nephihah

Plains of Nephihah

The Plains of Nephihah were a region contiguous to the city of Nephihah, an important Nephite stronghold established by Captain Moroni around 72 B.C. (Alma 50:14). Located between the cities of Moroni and Aaron, the strategical positioning of Nephihah made it a logistic asset in Nephite defense against Lamanite aggression. During times of warfare between the Nephites and Lamanites, the Plains of Nephihah served not only for the encampment of troops but also as a potential battleground.

Around 62 B.C., the city of Nephihah succumbed to Lamanite control, a blow to Nephite stability in the region (Alma 51:23–24; 59:5–11). Inhabitants who fled the city found temporary refugee in the Plains of Nephihah until Nephite forces could attempt retaking the lost city. The climactic moment of reclaiming Nephihah occurred when Nephite forces, led by Moroni and Pahoran, crafted a plan to besiege the city. Although the initial desire was to confront the Lamanites in the plains, the reluctance of the Lamanites to engage in open battle necessitated a more subversive approach. Implementing a night assault, Nephite troops secretly scaled the city walls from the west and launched a surprise attack, causing disarray and panic among the slumbering Lamanite forces. The ensuing battle was decisively in favor of the Nephites, who suffered no losses and inflicted heavy casualties upon their adversaries (Alma 62:14–30). The aftermath of the siege saw the Lamanite survivors enter into a covenant of peace, precluding their internment as prisoners of war.

Thus, the Plains of Nephihah were not only a geographical area of encampments near the city but also an integral aspect of the strategic victory that led to the Nephite recapture of Nephihah. The events on and around these plains are emblematic of the fluctuating tide of Nephite and Lamanite territorial control during the protracted conflicts between the two civilizations.


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