City of Nephihah

Nephite refuge captured and lost by the Lamanites

City of Nephihah

Nephite land where Moroni built the city of Nephihah, between the cities of Moroni and Aaron. When the Lamanites seized Moroni, the dispossessed Nephites fled to Nephihah, which itself fell about five years later. Nephi ­hah was the first city retaken during the final campaign of Moroni and Pahoran. Although Moroni desired to fight the Lamanites upon the nearby plains of Nephihah, their refusal prompted a strategic night assault. Moroni ’s army recovered Nephihah by climbing the walls on the west side of the city while the Lamanite army slept on the east side and then attacking their startled and frightened enemy from within. Not one Nephite soldier was killed in this action, although Lamanite casualties were high.

Many of the Lamanite captives chose to enter a covenant of peace rather than remain prisoners. The wording of Alma 51:25–26 suggests the possibility of a second city named Nephihah on the eastern ­coast.


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