City and Land of Manti

Most southerly land of Nephites

City and Land of Manti

One of the Nephite lands, located southward from the land of Gideon. The land of Manti is mentioned as one of the dividing borders between the Nephite and Lamanite territories. Alma was journeying toward the land of Manti when he met the sons of Mosiah. The land of Manti was also the site of a strategic battle between the armies of Moroni and the Lamanites. It is also referenced in other confrontations. The city of Manti located in the land of Manti was conquered by the Lamanites and later retaken through a cunning strategy by Helaman. As instructed by Helaman, Gid and Teomner hid their small forces in the wilderness to the right and left of Helaman ’s army.

When the numerically superior Lamanite forces came out of Manti to attack, Helaman led a mock retreat toward Zarahemla with the Lamanite army in hot pursuit. Manti was thus left virtually undefended, and Gid and Teomner retook it handily. Fearing a trap as they drew nearer to Zarahemla, the Lamanite army reversed its course and camped for the night. But while the Laman ­ites slept, Helaman doubled back to Manti. When the Lamanites arrived to find the Nephites in possession of the city —and prepared for war—they fled into the ­wilderness.


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