Alma 11:7–19

A senum of silver was equal to a senine of gold, and either for a measure of barley, and also for a measure of every kind of grain.

Now the amount of a seon of gold was twice the value of a senine.
And a shum of gold was twice the value of a seon.
And a limnah of gold was the value of them all.
And an amnor of silver was as great as two senums.
And an ezrom of silver was as great as four senums.
And an onti was as great as them all.

Now this is the value of the lesser numbers of their reckoning—

A shiblon is half of a senum;
therefore, a shiblon for half a measure of barley.

And a shiblum is a half of a shiblon.
And a leah is the half of a shiblum.

Now this is their number, according to their reckoning.

Now an antion of gold is equal to three shiblons.

From section: Mormon’s Explanation of Nephite Legal and Monetary Systems

From page: Mormon Abridges the Nephite Records