Jaredite Era

Conflict Between Lib and Coriantumr

Ether 14:11

Coriantumr comes back from out of the wilderness, and attacks Lib.

And it came to pass that in the first year of Lib, Coriantumr came up unto the land of Moron, and gave battle unto Lib.

Ether 14:12

Lib injures Coriantumr, but ultimately Coriantumr drives Lib out of the kingdom and chases him to the coast.

And it came to pass that he fought with Lib, in which Lib did smite upon his arm that he was wounded; nevertheless, the army of Coriantumr did press forward upon Lib, that he fled to the borders upon the seashore.

Ether 14:13

The two armies fight on the seashore.

And it came to pass that Coriantumr pursued him; and Lib gave battle unto him upon the seashore.

Ether 14:14

Lib gains the advantage over Coriantumr, who escapes to the wilderness of Akish.

And it came to pass that Lib did smite the army of Coriantumr, that they fled again to the wilderness of Akish.

Ether 14:15

Lib continues the pursuit, and drives Coriantumr to the plains of Agosh.

And it came to pass that Lib did pursue him until he came to the plains of Agosh. And Coriantumr had taken all the people with him as he fled before Lib in that quarter of the land whither he fled.

Ether 14:16–17

Coriantumr and Lib fight in the plain of Agosh—Lib is killed, Coriantumr retreats, and Lib’s brother Shiz takes his place.

And when he had come to the plains of Agosh he gave battle unto Lib, and he smote upon him until he died; nevertheless, the brother of Lib did come against Coriantumr in the stead thereof, and the battle became exceedingly sore, in the which Coriantumr fled again before the army of the brother of Lib. Now the name of the brother of Lib was called Shiz.