Ammon and King Lamoni Returned to Ishmael

George Reynolds, Janne M. Sjodahl

When Ammon and King Lamoni saw the auspicious beginning of Aaron's renewed ministry, they, giving thanks to God and blessing His Name forevermore, left for the home of King Lamoni in the Land of Ishmael. Both the king and his subject-friend, Ammon, thought of Ishmael as the Land of their Inheritance. The Land of Ishmael was part of the greater Land of Lehi-Nephi, more often called simply the Land of Nephi.

In the Land of Nephi the fathers of the Nephites settled quite some time before (between 544 B.C. and 421 B.C.), and built a large and thriving community. There the Nephites prospered until wickedness again caused the righteous to move ever farther northward. When the Nephites abandoned their homes in the Land of Nephi, the Lamanites, whose ruler now was Lamoni's father, immediately repossessed them and held them as their own.

Evidently, when King Lamoni and Ammon reached the Land of Ishmael, Ammon again proffered his services as a servant to the king. But Lamoni would not! He, filled as he was with the knowledge and influence of the eternal worlds, wanted his people to have them also. Lamoni did not shrink from the cause he had espoused. After but a little delay, the king ordered that synagogues wherein his people could hear the Word of the Lord spoken by the servants of God, should be built throughout the Land of Ishmael where he now reigned supreme.

To further the Work of the Lord, Lamoni called all his subjects to assemble themselves that they, too, might hear the glorious things that had been made known to him.

Commentary on the Book of Mormon, Vol. 3