“Faith in Christ”

Alan C. Miner

According to Dennis Largey, although Enos’ words are few, his doctrine and commentary support other writers throughout the Book of Mormon and other scriptures. There are nine such supported precepts or “instructions in righteousness” that make Enos a most significant “voice from the dust.”

(1) Jesus is the Christ: The Lord’s declaration to Enos that “thy faith [in Christ] hath made thee whole” (Enos 1:8) sums up, supports, and testifies of that doctrine. (see 1 Nephi 6:4)

(2) Forgiveness Sometimes Requires a “Wrestle before God”: The story of Enos teaches us that there is a price to pay both in effort and attitude before we can receive forgiveness of our sins. (see Alma 36:18; Alma 22:18)

(3) Forgiveness Comes through Faith in Jesus Christ: Awed by the relief he felt because his sins were now forgiven, Enos inquired, “Lord, how is it done?” The Lord responded, “Because of thy faith in Christ … Thy faith hath made thee whole” (Enos 1:8).

(4) Removal of Sin Must Precede Removal of Guilt: Faith enables the repentant person to “[put] off the natural man and [become] a saint through the atonement of Christ” (Mosiah 3:19).

(5) Charity and Good Works Follow True Conversion: Upon hearing the voice of the Lord announce that he had been forgiven, Enos recorded, “When I had heard these words I began to feel a desire for the welfare of my brethren” (Enos 1:9). (see Moroni 8:25-26; Mosiah 28:3)

(6) Revelation: The story of Enos teaches an important principle concerning how revelation is received. Enos recorded that “while I was … struggling in the spirit, behold, the voice of the Lord came into my mind …” (Enos 1:10). (see 1 Nephi 17:45; D&C 8:2-3).

(7) The Lord Visits Us according to Our Diligence in Keeping the Commandments: In answer to Enos’ prayer for his brethren, the Nephites, the Lord said: “I will visit thy brethren according to their diligence in keeping my commandments” (Enos 1:10). (see 2 Nephi 1:20)

(8) The Lord Keeps His Covenants: Enos’ “knew” that the Lord would keep his promises “according to the covenant which he had made” (Enos 1:16-17) but he did not know when the Lord would keep them. Enos‘ peace was not dependent upon God meeting Enos’ timetable. Knowing that it would be accomplished was enough.

(9) Parents in Zion Need to Teach the Gospel to Their Children: It was the “words” Enos’ father had “often” taught him that motivated him to cry unto the Lord “in mighty prayer and supplication for mine own soul” (Enos 1:3-4). (see Alma 36:16-18; Alma 56:46-48)

[Dennis L. Largey, “Enos: His Mission and His Message,” in The Book of Mormon: Jacob through Words of Mormon, To Learn with Joy, pp. 143-155]

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