“A Remnant of the House of Israel”

Brant Gardner

Nephi’s transition out of the text-based pesher into a narrative prophecy picks up the most important theme of the pesher, the appearance of the Book of Mormon. This restatement asserts the value of the Book of Mormon’s appearance for both the Gentiles and the “remnant of the house of Israel,” by which he means the Jews. The Isaiah context Nephi just completed uses “remnant” to describe the Jews in the last days, but this last-days’ “remnant” also means the righteous remnant whose Messiah will dwell in their midst. Nephi’s use of “remnant” not only continues his emphasis on the last days but expands it.

The coming forth of the Book of Mormon is of great worth because it will bring the apostate Gentiles to their Lord and will also determine who the righteous remnant among the Jews is. They will accept the Book of Mormon and its message of Jesus Christ as the Triumphant Messiah. Until they do, they, like the Gentiles, are also in apostasy.

Second Witness: Analytical & Contextual Commentary on the Book of Mormon, Vol. 2