“Lehi Saw God Sitting Upon His Throne”

D. Kelly Ogden, Andrew C. Skinner

Nephi reported in idiomatic terms that his father, Lehi, saw God sitting upon his throne. (“He thought he saw” means “it seemed to him that …”; compare “methought” in 1 Nephi 8:4 and Alma 36:22.) Others have also envisioned the throne room of Deity (Isaiah 6:1–4; Revelation 4:1–4; D&C 76:20–21). Lehi’s vision included a book. The same happened later to John the Beloved (Revelation 10:9) and to Joseph Smith (Joseph Smith–History 1:30–34). The book from which Lehi was instructed to read contained scenes of the future of God’s people, including judgments to be poured out on Jerusalem.

Verse by Verse: The Book of Mormon: Vol. 1