Search Party Dispatched by Mosiah to the Land of Nephi

Departure from Zarahemla

Mosiah 7:1–3

Mosiah sends a search party (composed of 16 men, lead by a man named Ammon) out to locate the group of people that left for the land of Nephi several years earlier.

And now, it came to pass that after king Mosiah had had continual peace for the space of three years, he was desirous to know concerning the people who went up to dwell in the land of Lehi–Nephi, or in the city of Lehi–Nephi; for his people had heard nothing from them from the time they left the land of Zarahemla; therefore, they wearied him with their teasings. And it came to pass that king Mosiah granted that sixteen of their strong men might go up to the land of Lehi–Nephi to inquire concerning their brethren. And it came to pass that on the morrow they started to go up, having with them one Ammon, he being a strong and mighty man, and a descendant of Zarahemla; and he was also their leader.

Mosiah 7:4–6

Not knowing the way, the search party wanders around for 40 days, but finally are successful in locating the land of Nephi.

And now, they knew not the course they should travel in the wilderness to go up to the land of Lehi–Nephi; therefore they wandered many days in the wilderness, even forty days did they wander. And when they had wandered forty days they came to a hill, which is north of the land of Shilom, and there they pitched their tents. And Ammon took three of his brethren, and their names were Amaleki, Helem, and Hem, and they went down into the land of Nephi.