Zarahemla’s Age of War

Pahoran’s Assassination

Helaman 1:9–10

Paanchi’s supporters hire employ a man named Kishkumen, who breaks into the judicial office, murders Pahoran, then escapes without being caught.

Now when those people who were desirous that he should be their governor saw that he was condemned unto death, therefore they were angry, and behold, they sent forth one Kishkumen, even to the judgment–seat of Pahoran, and murdered Pahoran as he sat upon the judgment–seat. And he was pursued by the servants of Pahoran; but behold, so speedy was the flight of Kishkumen that no man could overtake him.

Helaman 1:11–12

Kishkumen reports back to his employers, and they all take vows of secrecy; they then intermingle with the unsuspecting Nephite population.

And he went unto those that sent him, and they all entered into a covenant, yea, swearing by their everlasting Maker, that they would tell no man that Kishkumen had murdered Pahoran. Therefore, Kishkumen was not known among the people of Nephi, for he was in disguise at the time that he murdered Pahoran. And Kishkumen and his band, who had covenanted with him, did mingle themselves among the people, in a manner that they all could not be found; but as many as were found were condemned unto death.

Helaman 1:13

With Pahoran murdered and Paanchi sentenced to death, the last remaining brother, Pacumeni, assumes the judgment seat.

And now behold, Pacumeni was appointed, according to the voice of the people, to be a chief judge and a governor over the people, to reign in the stead of his brother Pahoran; and it was according to his right. And all this was done in the fortieth year of the reign of the judges; and it had an end.