Samuel’s Preaching and Prophecies

Prophecy of the Nephite Downfall

Helaman 13:5
Samuel announces he is speaking for the Lord, and prophesies that the Nephites will be annihilated in 400 years.
Helaman 13:6
Nothing except repentance and faith in Christ can save the people from the upcoming destruction.
Helaman 13:7
This message is orginally delivered by an angel.
Helaman 13:8
The Lord will withdraw his Spirit from the Nephites.
Helaman 13:9
Within 400 years, the Nephites will be wiped out.
Helaman 13:10
The fourth generation will witness the downfall of the Nephites.
Helaman 13:11
Repentance can reverse the fate of the Nephites.
Helaman 13:12
Zarahemla would already have been destroyed if it weren’t for the few that are still righteous.
Helaman 13:13
The Lord spares the repentant people, but sends fire to destroy the wicked.
Helaman 13:14
The righteous are sparing the city, but the wicked will soon cast out the righteous.
Helaman 13:15–16
Gideon is cursed for its wickedness.

The Curse of Riches

Helaman 13:17–18
The Lord will curse the land so wicked people cannot find buried treasure.
Helaman 13:19
The Lord wants people to hide up treasures unto him, but the wicked do not.
Helaman 13:20
The treasures of the people will become a curse unto them.
Helaman 13:21
The people’s riches were once given by God, but their pride has turned them away from him.
Helaman 13:22
The people’s gratitude and humility evaporates with the accumulation of riches.
Helaman 13:23
The curse on the people, their riches, and the land, is in consequence to their pride and wickedness.

Prophetic Rejection

Helaman 13:24
The Nephites reject and kill prophets sent from God.
Helaman 13:25
The Nephites claim that if they had lived in ages previous, they would not have rejected and killed the prophets.
Helaman 13:26
But they reject and revile prophets that come to them to reprove them for their wickedness.
Helaman 13:27
If a false prophet comes and tells the people to live wickedly, he is heralded as a true prophet.
Helaman 13:28
False prophets are sustained and encouraged.
Helaman 13:29
How long will evil prevail over good?

Chances for Repentance

Helaman 13:30–32
The riches of the people will become cursed, and poverty will sweep the land.
Helaman 13:32–37
At that time, the people will regret their wicked ways, but in large part it will be too late.
Helaman 13:38
Opportunities for repentance and reform are passing.
Helaman 13:39
Repentance will turn away the anger of the Lord.

Signs of the Coming of Christ

Helaman 14:1
Samuel prophesies many more things.
Helaman 14:2–4
The Son of God will come in five years; there will be a night without darkness as a sign.
Helaman 14:5–8
A new star will appear.
Helaman 14:9–10
Samuel is on the Lord’s errand to prepare the people for the Lord’s coming.
Helaman 14:11–13
Samuel testifies that Jesus will truly come, and will redeem humanity.

Signs of the Death of Christ

Helaman 14:14–15
A sign will accompany Christ’s death.
Helaman 14:16–18
His death brings about the resurrection and hence the redemption of all mankind.
Helaman 14:19–20
Three days of darkness will coincide with Christ’s death.
Helaman 14:21–22
Meteorological and geologic disasters will ransack the face of the earth.
Helaman 14:23–25
Destruction will be rampant among the Nephite structures; people will rise from the dead and out of the grave.
Helaman 14:26–29
These signs will be provided to convince everyone of the reality of Christ’s coming and death.
Helaman 14:30–31
Freedom is gift to man, but it is coupled with responsibility and consequences.

Lamanite Redemption

Helaman 15:1–3
The Lord chastens his people out of love; repentance yields redemption.
Helaman 15:4–6
The Lamanites, once vile and corrupt, now observe the teachings of God more than the Nephites.
Helaman 15:7
The Nephites have witnessed the change within the Lamanites.
Helaman 15:8
Faith leads to freedom.
Helaman 15:9
The Lamanites fear sin, and live righteously with faith in Christ.
Helaman 15:10–11
The Lamanites are blessed for their faith.
Helaman 15:12–13
The Lamanites will be blessed among their afflictions, and will come to a true knowledge of Jesus.
Helaman 15:14–15
The Nephites will miss out on all the blessings the Lamanites will receive unless they repent.
Helaman 15:16–17
The Lord promises that Lamanites will return to the fold of God in the latter days, but the Nephites will be exterminated if they do not repent.