Mission to the Zoramites in Antionum

Preparation to Teach

Alma 31:24–25

Alma is sad to see that the city is caught up the pursuit of riches and pride.

Now when Alma saw this his heart was grieved; for he saw that they were a wicked and a perverse people; yea, he saw that their hearts were set upon gold, and upon silver, and upon all manner of fine goods. Yea, and he also saw that their hearts were lifted up unto great boasting, in their pride.

Alma 31:26–35

Alma prays for success in preaching to the people, and asks for a blessing to be upon him and the other missionaries.

And he lifted up his voice to heaven, and cried, saying:

Alma 31:36

Alma finishes his prayer, claps his hands, and is filled with the spirit.

Now it came to pass that when Alma had said these words, that he clapped his hands upon all them who were with him. And behold, as he clapped his hands upon them, they were filled with the Holy Spirit.

Alma 31:37–38

The missionaries split up and go out to preach the gospel.

And after that they did separate themselves one from another, taking no thought for themselves what they should eat, or what they should drink, or what they should put on. And the Lord provided for them that they should hunger not, neither should they thirst; yea, and he also gave them strength, that they should suffer no manner of afflictions, save it were swallowed up in the joy of Christ. Now this was according to the prayer of Alma; and this because he prayed in faith.

Alma 39:3–4

Corianton gets sidetracked to pursue a love interest with a harlot named Isabel.

And this is not all, my son. Thou didst do that which was grievous unto me; for thou didst forsake the ministry, and did go over into the land of Siron, among the borders of the Lamanites, after the harlot Isabel. Yea, she did steal away the hearts of many; but this was no excuse for thee, my son. Thou shouldst have tended to the ministry wherewith thou wast entrusted.