Land of Shemlon

Region bordering on land of Lehi-Nephi

Land of Shemlon

Area bordering the land of ­Lehi- ­Nephi, not mentioned before that land came under Lamanite control. Because the land of Shemlon bordered the cities ­Lehi- ­Nephi and Shilom, given by the Lamanites to king Zeniff’s colony , references to Shemlon are intermingled with the narrative concerning these people and their descendants. For example, Zeniff sent “spies out round about the land of Shemlon” to observe Lamanite military preparations. Much later, king Noah saw from his tower in Shilom the Lamanite army approaching from Shemlon. Still later, the priests of Noah abducted several Lamanite daughters from “a place in Shemlon” where they habitually gathered to enjoy themselves.

Pacified by Amulon, leader of these priests, the Lamanite king eventually appointed them teachers in Shemlon and throughout his lands. The Lamanites in the land of Shemlon were among those converted by Ammon and his brethren.


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