Narrow Neck of Land

Isthmus separating the main land from the land Northward

Narrow Neck of Land

The “Narrow Neck of Land” is a very small topographic feature that is identified with the crossing place from the land Bountiful on the southeast into the land of Desolation/Teancum in the northwest.  The term “narrow neck of land” is used only once and it was a Jaredite reference. All other references mention a “narrow pass which led by the sea”, a “narrow pass which led into the land northward”, a “narrow neck which led into the land northward”, a “narrow passage which led into the land southward”, and a “narrow pass which led into the land southward”. It was sufficiently narrow that it could be protected by one army and was described by Mormon as a “point”.

The narrow neck of land was possibly a natural land bridge or a man-made bridge that spanned the spot where the sea (large river) divided the lands of Desolation and Bountiful2. After the earthquakes at the time of the Crucifixion, it may have been nothing more than a narrows in the river or a ford.


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