City of Mulek

Nephite city south of Bountiful

City of Mulek

Nephite city, south of Bountiful2, “on the east borders by the sea ­shore. ” Mulek was conquered during Amalickiah’s advance into Nephite lands. Later, Nephite commander Teancum received orders to retake the city from Jacob and his Lamanite forces. When the apostate Zoramites refused to come out of Mulek to do battle, a stratagem was employed to draw them out. Teancum marched a small ­number of men “down near the seashore” as Moroni hid his army in the wilderness west of the city. Discovering the movement of Teancum’s army, the Lamanites pursued them, supposing an easy victory against fewer Nephites. As the Lamanites chased Teancum, Moroni sent part of his army to retake Mulek and the other part to follow the Lamanites.

When the Lamanites reached Bountiful in ­pursuit of Teancum they met the army of Lehi, which had been stationed there to protect the city. Weary and fearful of meeting a fresh foe, the Lamanites turned and fled back to Mulek. Lehi pursued them until they were caught between his and Moroni’s armies. Surrounded and confused, the Laman ­ites were defeated in a furious battle.


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