Hill Amnihu

Site of the Initial Amlicite Strike

Hill Amnihu

Hill Amnihu is a geographical feature in the proximity of Zarahemla, located east of the river Sidon. This hill holds historical significance due to a fierce battle that took place in 87 B.C. between the Nephites, under the leadership of the chief judge Alma2, and the Amlicites—a group of dissenters from the Nephite government. The encounter at Hill Amnihu was likely a strategic move by the Amlicites to lure the Nephite forces away from Zarahemla, as the consistent skirmishes soon thereafter shifted towards the valley of Gideon and areas closer to the city (Alma 2:15-17). The engagement on Hill Amnihu marked the beginning of an intense conflict that involved a rapid succession of maneuvers between the warring factions, with the wider Amlicite war being decided in regions beyond the hill itself.

The account of the battle at Hill Amnihu illustrates a key moment when the Nephites were able to gain the upper hand against their adversaries, subsequently facing the Amlicites allied with a Lamanite army near the river Sidon. The strategic relevance of Hill Amnihu is underscored by its positioning relative to major Nephite population centers at the time and its incorporation in the narrative as the scene of initial hostilities. As the Amlicites and their newfound Lamanite allies advanced towards Zarahemla, it was through rapid marching and decisive combat at the river’s crossing, upstream of the city, that the Nephite forces succeeded in defending their homeland and dispersing their enemies towards the wilderness of Hermounts (Alma 2:15-37).


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