Land of Helam

Land inhabited by people of Alma1

Land of Helam

Land in the borders of the land of Nephi settled by Alma and his people after their ­eight-­day flight into the wilderness to escape the pursuing armies of king Noah. Presumably named after one of Alma’s first converts Helam, Helam was described as “a very beautiful and pleasant land, a land of pure water”. Here Alma’s people built a city by the same name. The city of Helam was eventually seized by the Lamanites in alliance with the wicked priests of king Noah. After suffering greatly at the hands of their oppressors, Alma’s people sought the Lord’s help, and he blessed them with two ­miracles.

First, he “strengthened” them that they could bear with ease the Lamanite bondage and oppression they were under, and second, he caused a deep sleep to come upon their captors, allowing them to escape from Helam to Zarahemla. This bondage and deliverance was not without divine purpose. Alma’s people had covenanted at the waters of Mormon to be witnesses for God “at all times and in all things, and in all places”. The test of this covenant came in Helam—the time and place of their ­bondage.


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