Noah’s Priests

Noah’s Priests in Amulon

Mosiah 19:21, 23:32
After Noah’s execution, the insurgents try to kill the priests, but the priests escape,and are led by a man named Amulon.
Mosiah 20:3
The priests are ashamed, and refuse to return to the city.
Mosiah 20:1–2,4
The priests stumble upon a place where Lamanite women enjoy dancing—the priests hide, and from a distance, enjoy the show.
Mosiah 20:5
The priests come out of their hiding spots and kidnap them.
Mosiah 20:6
Meanwhile, the Lamanites erroneously assume that Limhi’s people are responsible for the disappearance of their daughters.
Mosiah 23:31,33
The priests marry the Lamanite girls, and establish a community.

Alliance with the Lamanites

Mosiah 23:30–31
One day, Lamanites soldiers show up—they had been sent to find the people of Limhi, who had escaped.
Mosiah 23:33–34
The priests persuade the Lamanites not to exterminate them.
Mosiah 23:35
The Lamanites and priests become allies.
Mosiah 23:35
The Lamanites and the priests set out together to find the land of Nephi, their home.
Mosiah 23:35
In their attempts to find the land of Nephi, they stumble upon the people of Alma in the land of Helam.
Mosiah 23:36
The Lamanites meet Alma who makes a deal with them: directions back to the land of Nephi in exchange for their lives and liberty.
Mosiah 23:29, 37
After Alma tells them how to get back the land of Nephi, the Lamanites go back on their word, and begin to take over Helam by force.
Mosiah 23:38
Those Lamanites not charged with guarding Helam go back to the land of Nephi, following directions given by Alma.
Mosiah 23:39
The king of the Lamanites grants Amulon, the priest, kingship over Helam.
Mosiah 24:1–4
Amulon and the priests are made teachers over the Lamanite people, and are each assigned to Lamanite cities to teach them the Nephite language.
Mosiah 24:5–7
The Lamanite society thrives in a godless and violent manner.
Mosiah 24:8
Amulon enslaves Alma and all the inhabitants of Helam.