Noah and the Escapees

Noah’s Execution

Mosiah 19:11

Noah orders all men to abandon their wives and children and run for their lives.

Now it came to pass that the king commanded them that all the men should leave their wives and their children, and flee before the Lamanites.

Mosiah 19:12

Some men follow the orders and escape, while others refuse to leave their families and surrender to the Lamanites.

Now there were many that would not leave them, but had rather stay and perish with them. And the rest left their wives and their children and fled.

Mosiah 19:19

Those who left their families were apprehensive from the start, and question Noah’s authority and leadership—They wanted to go back.

Now they had sworn in their hearts that they would return to the land of Nephi, and if their wives and their children were slain, and also those that had tarried with them, that they would seek revenge, and also perish with them.

Mosiah 19:20

Noah forbids them from going back.

And the king commanded them that they should not return.

Mosiah 19:20

They revolt, and burn Noah at the stake.

And they were angry with the king, and caused that he should suffer, even unto death by fire.

Mosiah 19:21

They try to kill the priests (those still loyal to the king), but the priests escape.

And they were about to take the priests also and put them to death, and they fled before them.

Mosiah 19:22

They are found by the search party led by Gideon.

And it came to pass that they were about to return to the land of Nephi, and they met the men of Gideon.