Jaredite Era

The Reigns of Kim, Kim’s Brother, Levi, Corom, and Kish

Ether 10:13–14

Morianton’s son Kim eventually takes Morianton’s place as king, reigns wickedly, and is overthrown by his brother; while in captivity, Kim has a son named Levi.

And Morianton did live to an exceedingly great age, and then he begat Kim; and Kim did reign in the stead of his father; and he did reign eight years, and his father died. And it came to pass that Kim did not reign in righteousness, wherefore he was not favored of the Lord. And his brother did rise up in rebellion against him, by which he did bring him into captivity; and he did remain in captivity all his days; and he begat sons and daughters in captivity, and in his old age he begat Levi; and he died.

Ether 10:15

Kim dies; Levi rebels against his uncle, and is successful in regaining the kingdom.

And it came to pass that Levi did serve in captivity after the death of his father, for the space of forty and two years. And he did make war against the king of the land, by which he did obtain unto himself the kingdom.

Ether 10:16

Levi reigns righteously and prosperously, and his son Corom succeeds him as king.

And after he had obtained unto himself the kingdom he did that which was right in the sight of the Lord; and the people did prosper in the land; and he did live to a good old age, and begat sons and daughters; and he also begat Corom, whom he anointed king in his stead.

Ether 10:17

Corom also reigns righteously, and appoints his son Kish to be the next king.

And it came to pass that Corom did that which was good in the sight of the Lord all his days; and he begat many sons and daughters; and after he had seen many days he did pass away, even like unto the rest of the earth; and Kish reigned in his stead.