Nephi’s Quotations of Isaiah

Introduction to Isaiah

2 Nephi 11:8
Nephi explains he will be quoting from Isaiah’s writings in hopes that readers may relate to his words.

The Mountain of the Lord

2 Nephi 12:1–2
In the last days, God’s House will be established in the mountains.
2 Nephi 12:3–4
Many people will come to the mountains to learn of the Lord.

The Lord’s Ultimate Power

2 Nephi 12:5
The house of Jacob should return to the Lord.
2 Nephi 12:6–9
The house of Jacob has abandoned God by pursuing sorcery and idolatry.
2 Nephi 12:10–11
The wicked would do well to avoid the glorious presence of the Lord; prideful people will all be humbled or humiliated.
2 Nephi 12:12–16
No power is a match for God’s power.
2 Nephi 12:17–19
Only the Lord will prevail, the proud will fall, and hide themselves in fear.
2 Nephi 12:20–22
The rich and prideful will abandon their belongings and run for their lives, terrified of God’s judgment.

Jerusalem and Judah’s Leaders’ Demise

2 Nephi 13:1–5
Jerusalem and Judah’s government, military, educational, and religious leaders will fall, and the nation will fall under despotic reign at the hands of youthful puppets.
2 Nephi 13:6–7
Citizens will frantically scramble to appoint leaders, but in vain.
2 Nephi 13:8–12
Jerusalem and Judah’s corruption will yield doom for the wicked; but the righteous need not fear.
2 Nephi 13:13–15
God will judge and reprove the wicked.

The Daughters of Zion Denounced

2 Nephi 13:16–17
The Lord will curse the vain daughters of Zion with scabby baldness.
2 Nephi 13:18–23
The Lord will take away all their jewelry and accessories.
2 Nephi 13:24-31, 14:1
The daughters of Zion will lose all their appeal, and will be stricken with misery and affliction.

The Branch of the Lord

2 Nephi 14:2–6
The survivors of God’s wrath will be clean and blessed; the Lord will again look after his people.

Parable of the Vineyard

2 Nephi 15:1–2
A man took great care in planting and building a vineyard.
2 Nephi 15:3–4
After all that care and work, why was the fruit bad?
2 Nephi 15:5–6
The poor produce is reason to abandon the vineyard.
2 Nephi 15:7
The vineyard is Judah; the man is God, who wants righteousness from his people, but does not get it.

Woes for the Wicked

2 Nephi 15:8–10
Woe on greedy—their ventures will fail.
2 Nephi 15:11–12
Woe on the drunkard.
2 Nephi 15:13–14
Hell’s gates widen to welcome the wicked.
2 Nephi 15:15–17
The wicked are torn down, and the Lord is brought up.
2 Nephi 15:18–23
Woe on those who distort right and wrong.
2 Nephi 15:24–25
They will be devoured in flames, rot away, and be smitten.
2 Nephi 15:26–30
God’s wrath will be clearly demonstrated.

Isaiah’s Vision and Calling

2 Nephi 16:1–4
Isaiah sees in vision God on his throne.
2 Nephi 16:5
Isaiah mourns his unworthiness.
2 Nephi 16:6–8
Isaiah is cleansed from his sin; God calls him to be a prophet.
2 Nephi 16:9–10
God instructs Isaiah to go preach to unbelieving and hardhearted people.
2 Nephi 16:11
Isaiah asks God how long the people will be unbelieving.
2 Nephi 16:11–13
God replies that it will be so until the people are scattered and a remnant is brought back.

War Against Jerusalem

2 Nephi 17:1
The King of Syria and the King of Israel unsuccessfully attack Jerusalem (Judah).
2 Nephi 17:2
When Judah learns that Syria has joined forces with Ephraim, it is afraid.
2 Nephi 17:3–6
God tells Isaiah to go and meet Ahaz, the king of Judah, tell him to not be afraid and warn him of those who have plotted against him.
2 Nephi 17:7–9
God assures Isaiah that Syria and Ephraim will soon fall.
2 Nephi 17:10–11
The Lord tells Ahaz to ask for an extravagant sign.
2 Nephi 17:12
Ahaz declines.
2 Nephi 17:13–17
The Lord promises to give a sign anyway: A virgin will give birth to a son.

Future Trials for Judah

2 Nephi 17:18–20
The Lord will summon pestilence and plague upon Judah.
2 Nephi 17:21–25
The land will be left desolate.

Damascus and Samaria Fall

2 Nephi 18:1–2
God tells Isaiah to write the word ”Maher–shalal–hash–baz”in front of witnesses; his wife then bears a child who is given that name.
2 Nephi 18:3–4
The Lord warns that Damascus (Syria) and Samaria (Israel) will be plundered during the child’s infancy.
2 Nephi 18:5–8
Like an overwhelming flood, the king of Assyria will surround the prideful kingdom Judah.
2 Nephi 18:9–10
Brace for impact! Destruction in imminent, and the Lord will be vindicated.

Fear God

2 Nephi 18:11–17
People should heed God, and not men.
2 Nephi 18:18–22
God is to be found by seeking according to the light within.

A Child Is Born

2 Nephi 19:1
Those in anguish will find peace.
2 Nephi 19:2–5
The people have reason for rejoicing and relief.
2 Nephi 19:6–7
The prophesied child will be the mighty King of the Jews, to sit on the throne of David.

The Lord ’s Anger at Israel’s Arrogance

2 Nephi 19:8–12
Samaria (Ephraim) dismisses God’s warnings, so the Syrians and Philistines invade.
2 Nephi 19:13–17
Even in their afflictions, the people fail to turn to the Lord.
2 Nephi 19:18–21
Wickedness has the effect of fire bringing about chaos and destruction.
2 Nephi 20:1–4
Corruption will receive its due.

Assyria Is God’s Instrument

2 Nephi 20:5–11
God commanded Assyria to plunder Jerusalem, but not exterminate it; Assyria, boasting, has its own agenda to dominate the world.
2 Nephi 20:12–14
God will eliminate Assyria as soon as the work of destruction is done in Jerusalem.
2 Nephi 20:15–19
Tools have nothing to boast of to their users; the prideful will be cursed.

The Remnant of Israel to Return

2 Nephi 20:20–23
Spared by the Lord’s grace, a part of Israel will be gathered.

The Destruction of the Assyrian Army

2 Nephi 20:24–27
God tells Zion not be be afraid of Assyria, for they will be destroyed in due time.
2 Nephi 20:28–32
Assyria’s destruction is catalogued.
2 Nephi 20:33–34
The Lord will smite the wicked with his mighty power.

The Branch From Jesse

2 Nephi 21:1–5
The stem of Jesse will be the example of righeousness.
2 Nephi 21:6–10
Peace and harmony will prevail.

The Gathering of Israel

2 Nephi 21:11
The Lord will begin to gather Israel.
2 Nephi 21:12–16
An ensign will be raised to lead the way to Zion.

Songs of Praise and Thanksgiving

2 Nephi 22:1–3
Trust in God yields salvation.
2 Nephi 22:4–6
Sing praises to the Lord.

Prophecy Against Babylon

2 Nephi 23:1–8
God prepares to destroy Babylon.
2 Nephi 23:9–10
Signs and wonders in the sky will accompany God’s wrath.
2 Nephi 23:11–13
God will punish the world’s wickedness.
2 Nephi 23:14–16
The proud will all be humbled.
2 Nephi 23:17–18
The Medes (Persian Empire) will be the means of Babylon’s destruction.
2 Nephi 23:19–22
Babylon’s doom is apparent.

Mercy for Israel

2 Nephi 24:1-3
Amid God’s anger, Israel will receive mercy and deliverance.

The Fall of Babylon

2 Nephi 24:4-6
The people rejoice over their deliverance from Babylon.
2 Nephi 24:7-11
Peace and happiness is enjoyed.
2 Nephi 24:12-15
Babylon falls like the morning star.
2 Nephi 24:16-17
Those who once feared Babylon will mock it.
2 Nephi 24:18-20
Babylon’s fall will be unceremonious and disgraceful.
2 Nephi 24:21-23
Babylon’s remnant will also be destroyed.

Prophecy Against Assyria

2 Nephi 24:24-25
Assyria will be destroyed.
2 Nephi 24:26-27
This is all part of the master’s grand design.

Prophecy Against the Philistines

2 Nephi 24:28-32
Famine will cripple the Philistines, who are celebrating their victories.