Mormon 6:16–22

From Section: Last Battle at Cumorah

From Page: Nephite Decline and Downfall

And my soul was rent with anguish, because of the slain of my people, and I cried:

“O ye fair ones,
_how could ye have departed from the ways of the Lord!

O ye fair ones,
_how could ye have rejected that Jesus,
_who stood with open arms to receive you!

Behold, if ye had not done this,
_ye would not have fallen.

But behold, ye are fallen,
_and I mourn your loss.

O ye fair sons and daughters,
_ye fathers and mothers,
_ye husbands and wives,
_ye fair ones,
_how is it that ye could have fallen!

But behold, ye are gone,
_and my sorrows cannot bring your return.

And the day soon cometh
_that your mortal must put on immortality,
_and these bodies
_which are now moldering in corruption
_must soon become incorruptible bodies.

And then ye must stand
_before the judgment–seat of Christ
_to be judged according to your works
_and if it so be that ye are righteous,
_then are ye blessed with your fathers
_who have gone before you.

O that ye had repented
_before this great destruction had come upon you.

But behold, ye are gone,
_and the Father,
_yea, the Eternal Father of heaven,
_knoweth your state.

And he doeth with you according to his justice and mercy.”