I Seal Up This Record Stone Box

According to Diane Wirth, in their book, America's Ancient Civilizations, Hyatt and Ruth Verrill tell of a Maya book containing the complete history of their ancestors. This book is said to have been inscribed on gold plates. The Verrills write concerning this record, "According to traditions a complete history of the Maya was recorded in the Golden Book of the Mayas which, if it actually existed, as it probably did, was so carefully hidden to prevent it from falling into the hands of the Spaniards that it never has been found."

Harold Wilkins reported that the Indians of Chiapas, Mexico claimed their people were in possession of a record written by their ancestors and engraved on gold leaves. This book was supposedly concealed in vaults of some ancient city at the time of the Conquest.

Robert Wauchope (Lost Tribes and Sunken Continents) relates that "on her deathbed, Alice Le Plongeon (wife of Augustus Le Plongeon) turned over to an intimate friend many of her husband's drawings and notes and evidently tried to tell the location of another spectacular discovery they claimed to have made and covered again in 1875 -- some underground rooms containing stone boxes holding perfectly preserved ancient records of the Maya." [Diane E. Wirth, A Challenge to the Critics, p. 43]

Moroni 10:2 I seal up this record [stone box] (Illustration): Stone box displayed at Museum of Anthropology, Mexico City. (Photo by Diane E. Wirth) [Diane E. Wirth, A Challenge to the Critics, p. 44]

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Alan C. Miner

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