“Coriantumr Having Studied, Himself, in All the Arts of War”

Brant Gardner

Little is known of the military exploits of the Olmec. Bernal provides this basic background:

“We know nothing about Olmec armies or possible military feats. Aside from the historical fact that no state can stand for a long period without the support of military forces, ideas of warlike activity are indicated in a concrete way. For instance, on Altar 4 of La Venta, a human figure bound by a cord suggests a captive. Monument C at Tres Zapotes shows scenes of war and combat. A trophy head is probably represented on Stela A from Tres Zapotes and on Stela D a kneeling figure also suggests that he is the victim of conquest. The representation of an obsidian-edged sword would indicate the same. From stelae A and D of Tres Zapotes we know that the Olmecs possessed lances and knives.” (Ignacio Bernal. The Olmec World. Translated by Doris Heyden and Fernando Horcasitas. University of California Press, 1969, p. 88).

While the evidence for military action is less prevalent than among the Maya, the indications are clear that Coriantumr as a man who has studied the arts of war would not be out of place in the world of the Olmec.

Multidimensional Commentary on the Book of Mormon