“A Great War”

George Reynolds, Janne M. Sjodahl

The warning voice of Ether aroused bitter enmity among the people of Moron against the chosen prophet of God. He was cast out, and as we have said, found refuge in a cave. There he finished his record.

The prophet having found a place of safety, the momentous war broke out in all its fury. Coriantumr, the King, had many enemies. After three years of civil struggle he was made a prisoner of war by Shared. But in the fourth year, his sons succeeded in liberating him. But the people sunk deeper and deeper in corruption, and the war flames continued roaring. Shared was slain in the Battle of Gilgal. Coriantumr was wounded so seriously that he was unfit for active military service for two years. However, this did not deter the people from shedding each other's blood, "and as there was none to restrain them," the whole face of the land lay festering in its own wantonness and filthiness.

Commentary on the Book of Mormon, Vol. 6