“Another People to Possess the Land”

Monte S. Nyman

The cycle of the Jaredites is well underway with Coriantor, son of Moron (v. 19). The prophets added another dimension to their warning during this cycle. The Lord would send or bring another people to possess this land by the same power that he had brought the Jaredite fathers (vv. 20–21). The fulfillment of this prophecy was discussed in chapter 7 of this work. The people of Zarahemla, the Mulekites, were also brought here and were the actual ones who discovered the last surviving Jaredite (see Omni 1:14–21). Father Lehi gave the same warning of another people possessing this land when the Nephites would dwindle in unbelief (2 Nephi 1:10–11). The inhabitants of this choice land must serve the God of this land who is Jesus Christ or be destroyed from off the land (see Ether 2:9–12).

Book of Mormon Commentary: I Mormon Make a Record