Ed J. Pinegar, Richard J. Allen

The tangled web of relationships among the various individuals and groups involved in this segment of Jaredite history sometimes makes it difficult to follow the line of development. Here is a summary of the principal figures (giving the references in Ether where the name is first mentioned), together with a chart showing the progression (or in some cases the lack thereof!) down through time:

Omer—son of Shule and principal monarch during this period (see Ether 1:29; 8:1).
Jared—rebellious son of Omer (see 8:1).
Daughter of Jared—inspired the rejuvenation of the secret combinations of old (see 8:8).
Akish—former acquaintance of Omer who becomes the prime mover in the campaign of secret combinations and murders (see 8:10).
Son of Akish (unnamed)—starved to death by his father (see 9:7).
Nimrah—son of Akish who flees to the court of Omer (see 9:8).
Other sons of Akish (unnamed)—instigate a war against their father (see 9:10).
Esrom and Coriantumr—sons of Omer who earlier restore their father to the throne prior to the emergence of the secret combinations (see 8:4).
Emer—righteous son of Omer who succeeds him on the throne following the civil war (see 1:28; 9:14).
Coriantum—righteous king, son of Emer (see 1:27; 9:21).
Com—king, son of Coriantum (see 1:26; 9:25).
Heth—wicked king, son of Com (see 1:25; 9:25).
Shez—righteous king, son of Heth (see 1:24; 10:1).

Commentaries and Insights on the Book of Mormon, Vol. 2