“A Second and Third Generation of Righteousness”

Monte S. Nyman

How long Coriantum, son of Emer, reigned is not stated, but assuming he was king until he died, he reigned for nearly a hundred years. He lived forty years after his first wife died (v. 24), and probably somewhere near sixty years before his first wife died. Emer reigned at least sixty-two years (v. 16 above), and Com reigned at least forty-nine years (v. 25). Therefore, the Jaredites had three generations of righteousness and prosperity for over two hundred years. Did they establish a Zion society? It seems they did. One of the characteristics of the Nephite Zion society was the length of physical life being extended (see 4 Nephi 1:18–21, and comments in chapter 1 of this work). Other indications of a Zion society was Emer seeing the Son of Righteousness (Ether 9:22 above), and Coriantum walking in the steps of his father (v. 23).

Just as the Nephite Zion society began to decline after the second generation, (see 4 Nephi 1:22 ff), the Jaredite decline began during the third generation. Com reigned and his son Heth began to embrace the secret plans of old which led to Heth slaying his father (Ether 9:27). The Zion society was lost, or at least wickedness again prevailed.

Book of Mormon Commentary: I Mormon Make a Record