“Coriantum Did Walk in the Steps of His Father”

Brant Gardner

Coriantum is also righteous, and therefore the promise of the land works for him. He builds “many mighty cities.” In a Mesoamerican context, this would happen when he allowed important attendant family, or other important lines, to leave and establish new cities. The new cities would still maintain an allegiance to the original city.

Coriantum has no children with his first wife, but he does with his second. The only surprising feature of this statement is that Coriantum lived to the age of one hundred and forty two. That comes close to 12x12, but it falls two years short, so we cannot render absolute judgement that it is an artificial number. This does give us license to stretch our chronology, but obviously not enough to cover the missing two thousand years.

Chronology: The average reign listing would place Coriantum at 920 to 890 B.C., although his was a longer than average reign.

Multidimensional Commentary on the Book of Mormon