“Did Rejoice and Glory in His Day”

W. Cleon Skousen

The civil war in the days of Akish had demonstrated that the whole Jaredite civilization could be annihilated if the people became wicked. So in these last three verses, the Lord reminded the Jaredites that this was a choice land, choice above all other lands on the face of the earth. The Lord further reiterated his determination to annihilate any people who desecrated this land with apostasy and wickedness. We don't know how long Emer lived but it seems to have been a long time. Because of his righteousness, he even got to see a vision of the Savior in all his glory. Apparently the last son to be born to Emer was Coriantum and when this son had matured, Emer designated him to be the new king. Emer then lived four more years and died.

Treasures from the Book of Mormon