“Great Had Been the Spreading of This Wicked and Secret Society”

Brant Gardner

Unfortunately for Jared, Akish had learned how to overthrow an established government by secret combinations that included murder. Although not of the royal family, he had his own clan’s support and was married to the king’s daughter. He either murders Jared or has him murdered. In the absence of the legitimate ruler, Omer, and all of Omer’s children, Akish sidesteps succession questions and simply takes over for Jared, no doubt on the ironic strength of his marriage to Jared’s daughter. In a fifth century A.D. parallel, the Teotihuacano Spearthrower Owl, a foreigner, marries a Tikal lady (ethnically and culturally Maya), becomes king over Tikal, and fathers the next king of Tikal. His new dynasty is justified through his Tikal wife.

Second Witness: Analytical & Contextual Commentary on the Book of Mormon, Vol. 6