“Akish Sought the Life of His Father–in–law”

Brant Gardner

Unfortunately for Jared, Akish had learned how to overthrow an established government by secret combinations that include murder. Therefore, he decides that he should be a claimant to the throne. Akish was not of the royal family, but he had his own kin base. What is more, he has as a wife a daughter of a king, and he is able to ride that connection into the throneroom.

With Omer and the entire family gone, he is able to sidestep any succession questions from that part of the family, and simply take over for Jared, no doubt on the ironic strength of his marriage to Jared’s daughter. This is similar to the justification of rulership of Spearthrower Owl in Tikal. He marries a Tikal lady, and becomes king over Tikal, fathering the next king of Tikal (Simon Martin and Nikolai Grube. Chronicle of the Maya Kings and Queens. Thames and Hudson. 2000, p. 31). Spearthrower Owl is a foreigner, but his new dynasty is justified through is Tikal wife.

Multidimensional Commentary on the Book of Mormon