The Hill Shim

Alan C. Miner

According to Warren and Palmer, the "hill Shim" (Ether 9:3) may have been "Corn Hill" in the Tuxtla mountains of Veracruz, Mexico. This hill Shim identification is based on linguistic evidence from Mayan languages, using their word for corn or maize. It is "sim" (transliterated "Shim"). There is no hill called Shim today in Southern Veracruz. However, there is a mountain with the same meaning. In Aztec language, "Cintepec" means "corn hill" (Warren, 1983). This hill Cintepec is located near Lake Catemaco in the Tuxtla mountains (see illustration). It is also close to the coastal plain, so that a trip from this hill to the Cerro Vigia (the proposed place where the Nephites were destroyed) would probably have been carried on the plains, skirting the mountains themselves. Thus, a journey from Laguna de los Cerros (the proposed land of Nehor) to Cintepec (the proposed hill Shim), to the Cerro Vigia (the proposed hill Cumorah), and finally to the coast of the Gulf of Mexico (the proposed location of Ablom) would make sense. [Bruce W. Warren and David A. Palmer, The Jaredite Saga, p. 7-3, unpublished]

Ether 9:3 The hill Shim (Illustration): Hill Cintepec [Bruce W. Warren and David A. Palmer, The Jaredite Saga, p. 7-2, unpublished]

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