“The Lord Warned Omer in a Dream That He Should Depart Out of the Land”

Brant Gardner

Although Omer lost his kingdom, his attention to a warning dream let him and his family escape. The fact that he escaped with his entire family “save it were Jared and his family” reveals that either the dream or another source warned Omer that Jared was heading the conspiracy. Because the rest of the family was obviously loyal to Omer, they were also in danger and also fled with him.

Geography: Shim appears in Nephite history as Ammaron’s hiding place for the records that Mormon later recovers (Morm. 1:3, 4:23). Moroni specifies that Shim is near the “place where the Nephites were destroyed,” or Cumorah (later identified for the Jaredites as Ramah). Obviously, when Mormon and Moroni are in the land northward, they are in former Jaredite lands.

Second Witness: Analytical & Contextual Commentary on the Book of Mormon, Vol. 6