“The Lord Warned Omer in a Dream That He Should Depart”

Brant Gardner

The overthrow of the kingdom of Omer was successful, but the plot against his life was not. He was warned in a dream, and he and his family flee. It is significant that they flee with all but Jared and his family. This tells us that Omer was also told of the conspirators, and he understood that it was Jared who was after his throne. Because the rest of the family was obviously loyal to Omer, they also had to flee. If Omer’s life was in danger, so were the lives of all who supported him.

Geographic: The hill Shim appears in Nephite history as the place where Ammaron hides the records for Mormon to recover. The next location is also common to the Nephites and Jaredites, and that is the “place where the Nephites were destroyed,” or Cumorah. Obviously, when Mormon and Moroni are in the land northward, they are in the former lands of the Jaredites.

Multidimensional Commentary on the Book of Mormon