“Nimrod Gave Up the Kingdom of Cohor Unto Shule”

Alan C. Miner

With the death of Cohor, his son Nimrod "gave up the kingdom of Cohor unto Shule" (Ether 7:22). This might have been just a transfer of political power. Nimrod probably continued to reside in the land of Nehor. We are told that Shule "did bestow great favors on him [Nimrod]" (Ether 7:22), and that Nimrod did "according to his [Shule's] desires." Thus Nimrod probably became somewhat like a vassal king and still "ruled" somewhat over the land of Nehor.

Note* The land of Nehor is never mentioned after this. It was probably forever absorbed into a general land of Moron. [Alan C. Miner, Personal Notes]

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