“And the Country Was Divided and There Were Two Kingdoms”

Brant Gardner

At this time we have a brief picture painted to two warring kingdoms. While that doesn’t give us a lot to go on, it does suggest fairly large population bases in two different locations. The ability to have a king implies a certain population, as a base of workers is required to support the king. The incessant warfare suggests a population that has sufficient younger men to mount successful military campaigns.

None of this is overly surprising, and indeed the history of Mesoamerican appears to confirm such constant warfare. Where it is surprising to note that we have this type of warfare in only the third generation removed from the original landing party. This both confirms the need for others in the land when the Jaredites arrive, and continues to suggest that the king-list is not complete. It is highly likely that there are several missing links between these kings and Jared.

Multidimensional Commentary on the Book of Mormon