“I Will Write and Hide Up the Records in the Earth”

L. Tom Perry

"Let us take Brigham Young’s advice and imagine we are standing in the place where Moroni, the last of the great Nephite prophets, stood. The assignment his father gave him to complete the record entrusted to his care was very difficult.
"He must have mourned as he described how his people had been hunted by the Lamanites until they were all destroyed. Imagine the loneliness he experienced as he reported that his father was among those who were killed. We sense that after that great destruction, the only thing Moroni was living for was to complete the record. He wrote, ’Therefore I will write and hide up the records in the earth; and whither I go it mattereth not’ (Mormon 8:4).
"All that sustained Moroni is the faith that the Lord would preserve him long enough to complete the record and the knowledge that someday that record would be found by one chosen of the Lord. He realized that the record would be a voice of warning to nations of the consequences of turning away from the teachings of the Lord.
“It is from the depths of his heart that Moroni cries out to those who will eventually receive this record. He wants to spare those who read his account the heartache and misery that come from disobedience to God’s laws.” (Living With Enthusiasm, p. 63 – 64)
Bryan Richards -

Bryan Richards